Middle School at TASIS

Our Middle School students immerse themselves in high-caliber academics while exploring and pursuing their personal passions.

Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum and the environment of the Middle School are designed to facilitate the academic, aesthetic, physical, and social growth of students within a structured and caring framework. Our goal is to teach students to question, to encourage students to consider alternatives to stereotyped patterns of thinking, to pursue independent research on thought-provoking issues, and to make rational judgments.

Academically, students are expected to master basic skills and content, to become more inquisitive and analytical, to develop research and technology skills, and to organize and present what they learn in verbal, written, and digital forms.

Socially, students are expected to become more tolerant and understanding of others, to gain greater respect for themselves and for others, and to participate in the community.

Fifth grade students focus on specific developmental skills within five core subjects. Subjects are often taught in an integrated manner, for example, reading historical fiction in English that relates to History topics studied. Students learn in self-contained classrooms with the exception of art, music, drama, physical education, foreign languages, and library skills.

In Grades 6 - 8 students move from class to class for all of their subjects. Placement testing determines whether a student has the opportunity to enroll in upper level courses in mathematics and foreign languages.

Academic Programs

English-as-an-Additional Language (EAL)

In the Middle School, EAL instruction is customized to meet the individual needs of each student and taught on a one-to-one basis. EAL support specialists follow the curriculum in the mainstream classes of their students, tailor lessons accordingly, and use task-based learning as the model of instruction. Additional instruction may be given in grammar and pronunciation, as well as in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Learning Resources

Our Learning Resource Program provides structured academic support for students who have specific learning differences and who may need extra assistance with their schoolwork. Learning Resource teachers work with students, either individually or in a small group, once or twice per week. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is prepared to identify goals and strategies for instruction, and student progress is monitored regularly. A variety of approaches are used to assess and to teach reading, writing, and mathematics, and to help students learn appropriate study and organizational skills. In addition, the Learning Resource Center specialists work closely with the students’ teachers, parents, and our school counselor, when necessary, to provide a coordinated program.
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