Mark your calendars for Career Day and Discover a World of Opportunity

Monday, October 16, 2017

TASIS students face a world of opportunity. Connecting their knowledge, skills, and passion to the right opportunity—the one that inspires them—can be challenging. Career Day at TASIS will help your child make these connections, and broaden their horizons by exposing them to the career paths of others in our community. With this insight, TASIS students will better understand the road ahead. Career Day will also help students understand how they can make best use of TASIS Royals Connect, the TASIS career shadowing program.

Career Day will feature professionals from fields ranging from the arts to finance. The morning sessions are focused on Juniors and Seniors, and will begin with a lead panel of powerful speakers who will introduce the disciplines featured in the morning breakout sessions. Each of these breakout sessions will include one or more speakers who will share the story of their career, and will finish with time to answer any questions. The afternoon sessions are crafted to meet the needs of ninth and tenth graders, and again will start with a lead panel of speakers who will introduce the disciplines featured in the afternoon breakout sessions.  

How can the TASIS England community get involved? 

1.      If you are a parent of a TASIS Upper School student, bring them to school on October 16.

2.      If you are a working professional or have professional experience, click here to sign up as a presenter.

3.      If you would like to contribute, but not as a presenter, email to learn how you may help.   

Top 10 careers TASIS England students want to learn more about through TASIS Royals Connect program. 

Career Day is presented by TASIS Advantage, the network of TASIS parents, and is an internal TASIS England community event for TASIS England students only.


Angie Donelson, BA, MRCP, Ph.D.

President, Donelson Consulting LLC (self-employed)

Angie has more than 20 years of experience as a city and regional planner, geographer, and consultant helping organizations address human service needs and challenges in cross-cultural contexts. READ MORE


Roy Donelson, B.Eng., MBA

Managing Director, Defence, Raytheon UK

Roy has overall P&L responsibilities for the Raytheon UK Defence business with its annual turnover of circa £250m across multiple domestic and international business domains. He is also the director of Programme Delivery and Mission Assurance for Raytheon UK and its overseas subsidiaries. READ MORE


Yvan Goupil, MBA

Head of Customer and Market Insight, CYBG plc

Yvan has over 25 years of customer research and insights experience, acquired both in the UK and internationally. A French national, Mr Goupil has lived in five European countries and held positions of increasing responsibility at top blue chip Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies. READ MORE


Frank Langfitt, AB, NF

International Correspondent, National Public Radio

As the National Public Radio (NPR) correspondent in London, Frank covers international stories from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and elsewhere in Europe. READ MORE


Julia Langfitt, D.V.M

Veterinarian, Weybridge Veterinary Center

Julia moved with her family to Surrey in 2016, where she works part-time as a small animal veterinarian. A series of international moves has given her new and varied challenges throughout her career. READ MORE


Paul R. MacGregor, BS, MS, Ph.D.

President & CEO, Green Harbor Energy

Paul has over 25 years of experience in leading new market and technology developments as well as managing corporate operations in the areas of clean energy markets, energy trading and risk management, and electric power systems. He has been instrumental in the development of Energy Efficiency Credit (EEC) markets in the United States. READ MORE


John Mangelaars, BJCT

Chief Executive Officer, Travix

John has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the online travel agency Travix since January 1993. Travix maintains websites in over 40 markets and offices in Amsterdam, London, San Jose (US), and Singapore, as well as Operation Centers in Berlin and Bangalore. Responsible for the direction and results of the company, he oversees strategy, people, and innovation, leading the organization to become a worldwide e-commerce specialist. READ MORE


Caroline Morse, SPHR

Human Resources Consultant, Delivering Results LLC

Caroline has enjoyed over 20 years of experience in the field of human resources management, working in a full array of company phases, from start-ups (11) to mid-size companies and large conglomerates. Her employment portfolio includes industry greats such as Apollo Computer, Fidelity Investments, Hitachi, Apple Computer, NeXT Software (Merged with Apple), Kaleida Labs (Joint Venture of Apple and IBM) and Cisco Systems. READ MORE


Ken Morse B.Eng., Ph.D

Senior Director, SP Applications and Platforms - Cisco Systems, Inc.

During the more than 32 years Ken has been involved in software and hardware development, he has co-founded four companies in the digital video and entertainment space. In his current role, Dr Morse is responsible for delivering leading edge video solutions to market-leading service providers. Prior to this role he held CTO positions for the Video Software and Solutions Group, Connected Devices Group, and the SP Video Technology Group. READ MORE


Craig Willert, BSEE, MBA

Director of Product Management and Marketing (Self Employed)

Craig gained many years of experience in the design, development, integration, management, and marketing of electronics, software, and services while employed at startup and Fortune 100 companies. READ MORE

Susana (Susi) Zanello, Ph.D.

Scientist, NASA Johnson Space Center–Universities Space Research Association, Houston, TX

Honorary Senior Research Fellow, King’s College, London

Susi is a biomedical research scientist, with twenty-five years of experience in molecular and cell biology, with an emphasis in space life sciences.  Competencies include research development, coordination, and study implementation. READ MORE

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