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Warm and welcoming, our worldly community and family atmosphere prepares our students for a pluralistic society.

Global Issues Network

Welcome to the home site for TASIS Global Issues Network. We are a group of students working together to develop solutions, locally and globally, for twenty issues of growing importance. These issues, initially presented in J.F Rischard’s High Noon, range between three major groups: our planet, our humanity, and our rule book. As individual groups across many continents collaborate, we engage in important discussions on implementing feasible solutions. Our work culminates as we meet and interact with fellow members of GIN at conferences across the globe.


Sharing our planet: Issues involving the global commons 1. Global warming 2. Biodiversity and ecosystem losses 3. Fisheries depletion 4. Deforestation 5. Water deficits 6. Maritime safety and pollution

Sharing our humanity: Issues requiring a global commitment 7. Massive step-up in the fight against poverty 8. Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism 9. Education for all 10. Global infectious diseases 11. Digital Divide 12. Natural disaster prevention and mitigation

Sharing our rulebook: Issues needing a global regulatory approach 13. Reinventing taxation for the 21st century 14. Biotechnology rules 15. Global financial architecture 16. Illegal drugs 17. Trade, investment, and competition rules 18. Intellectual property rights 19. E-commerce rules 20. International labor and migration rules

As humans force our environment to adapt to our needs, we leave in our wake a trail of destruction. We often create unforeseen problems that threaten the stability of our civilizations. These problems have been ignored for far too long. It is time to take action.

Global Issues Network aims to educate the public using innovative ideas by students around the world.


Upper School students are now permitted to wear TOMS shoes (a company whose mission is to donate a pair of shoes every time a pair of shoes is bought). Proposed by the Global Issues Network club, this promotes students to consider ethical clothing choices based on the belief that small, deliberate decisions can make a significant impact.

GIN Conference, Milan, March 2015

The TASIS England Global Issues Network attended the EuroGIN Conference March 2015 in Milan. They heard many different ideas and viewpoints from a number of inspirational speakers and students from around the world. They especially enjoyed listening to Dr. Sammy Assefa of African Educational Children's Trust (A-CET) and Kate Otto, a student at NYU and Founder/Executive Director of Everyday Ambassador. GIN Conferences provide an amazing opportunity to speak with like-minded students and further develop understands on global issues, as well as ways to take action. TASIS England delegates presented on the global issue Global Infectious Diseases. They shared their Take Action and Prevention Plan, as well as included videos and a unique scenario titled Doctors vs. Infections. Upon return they have started to implement their Take Action Plan and look forward to addressing new ideas they learned about, in our community.

GIN 2015-16

This year the Global Issues Network club is working to address "Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism," focusing on the current issue of refugees. The club is in contact with and raising money for the International Rescue Committee. There is a coin collection jar at Starbucks to help raise money. In addition, they had a booth at the International Festival and will be selling TASIS Royals Wristbands (November 16 -20) and Candy Grams (November 30 - December 4) during lunch time in the Upper School. Eight students plan to attend and present at the the 2016 Europe GIN Conference in Luxembourg, in March. 

Bulletin Board

The TASIS GIN Club now has a bulletin board outside of Starbucks, across from the uniform store and adjacent to the vending machine. Please stop by, if you have a chance, to view updates on what our GIN Club is doing.

Ongoing Projects

The TASIS students are currently working to address Global Infectious Diseases by raising awareness and funds to support Doctors Without Borders ( They have an ongoing TASIS England Royals Wristband sale. Wristbands cost £1 and can be purchased by contacting

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