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'Be Well' and 'Find Your Spark'
Posted 08/04/2016 04:05PM

Some would call her a Life Coach, but Kusum Mongia refers to herself as a Wellbeing Coach. Kusum is a TASIS parent with two sons, in 11th and 9th grade. Originally from India, she arrived in the US soon after university graduation, and is currently on her second assignment in the UK. 

Many of us have participated in a book club, or have thought about joining one, but how many of us have read one book that sparked a career change? What started as a selection in a TASIS Moms’ Book Club turned into a career-changing experience for Kusum. Reading Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live by Martha Beck inspired her to begin training to become a Wellbeing Coach.

This choice does not seem to be a natural progression for a person with Kusum’s background—a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering, an MBA, and a former career in software engineering and corporate strategy. However, after adding two children and three international moves to the equation, Kusum was ready for a change.

No longer wanting a demanding corporate career, she became a stay-at-home mom. Kusum realized that her life and thinking had been dominated by her left brain, characterized by analysis and logical thinking. She relished the new-found opportunity to develop her right brain attributes by taking courses in religion, Art History, and creative endeavors like Ikebana (Japanese floral arrangement). Kusum describes this as the most fulfilling part of her journey.

By embracing life’s changes and transitions, she is making the most of her second move to the UK. Kusum has thoroughly enjoyed her three years as a Life Coach, helping people to discover their unique talents and strengths, and to explore how they can lead more fulfilling and productive lives. Her work as a Wellbeing Coach gives her both a sense of fulfillment and control over her career. Free of the demands of an employer, she makes decisions based on her own goals and aspirations.

Kusum is pursuing post-graduate work in mindfulness and, as a certified mindfulness instructor for 11 to 18 year-olds, she shares her knowledge with TASIS upper school students. She is currently working toward certification as an instructor for adults. For more information about upcoming seminars through the AWBS International Women’s Club, or one-to-one workshops, please contact Kusum via email (link to or her website (link to


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