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The Accidental Anthropologist
Posted 03/05/2016 04:45PM

Born in the Philippines and raised in Canada, Catherine Zinger launched her career in the USA, married Russian-born husband, continued her expat adventure in France, and now lives in the UK with three children attending TASIS (in 6th, 8th, and 12th grades). It would be hard for many of us to rival the international and cultural influences found in the Zinger household. It is these international experiences that enabled Catherine to become an “accidental anthropologist,” as she often identifies herself.

Catherine graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a degree in Russian and Slavic Studies, and is trilingual in English, French, and Russian. She started her working life as a French/Russian interpreter but began her public relations career in the San Francisco Bay Area hi-tech industry, where her writing process evolved.

Catherine has learned to understand, embrace, and take the best from each culture she experiences. In fact, it is because of her nomadic lifestyle that she become known for her writing. Many of us can relate to the challenges of being the “trailing spouse.” While looking for a creative outlet, Catherine began blogging.  It was her April 2013 blog, “the band-aid rip: what it means to be an expat” that resonated with thousands of readers and brought her to the attention of The Huffington Post.

Her article ‘Yoga Pants Defiant: My Crusade Against the Cult of Casual’ was the first of many pieces written for The Huffington Post, featuring her views on women’s issues, parenting, and expatriate life.  She has the ability to meld seamlessly into many groups, but can also step away and identify the unique aspects of different cultures.  She has learned, through her writing, that it is important to “march to the beat of your own drum” and “find your voice.” Her best writing, she explains, is when she writes from the heart.

Catherine also conducts seminars on acclimating to an environment where cross-cultural differences occur. Her future plans include writing and publishing a book. Although her children are not outspoken about their pride for her, each has mentioned at one time or another how they would like to be a writer.

This year Catherine volunteered to head the Senior Committee, a group of parents who planned, organized, and hosted monthly treat days, photo sessions, a sunrise breakfast, gifts, and Senior Week. Catherine shared that “TASIS is an incredible community, and the Seniors are a great group of kids. It’s been a fantastic experience helping with my son’s Senior year celebrations, and watching him and his friends take their positions at the starting gates.”


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