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Our Community

Warm and welcoming, our worldly community and family atmosphere prepares our students for a pluralistic society.

Service Clubs

We expect members of our community to be engaged in the world and committed to using their knowledge and talents to make a lifelong impact on it.

All of these clubs provide leadership opportunities to students whether they use a formal structure or the leadership is by committee and project based.

Aiding India

Enlightenment through education: we are supporting the Prakash Deep School for poor children in India. The group organizes a variety of fundraisers and awareness campaigns, and is hoping to organize pen pal relationships with the students of Prakash Deep. We are also looking to create a service trip program for the future, as the Prakash Deep School would be very happy to receive us. The Aiding India club aims to provide finding and support to the Prakash Deep School by raising funds through events as well as creating lesson materials to be sent to Prakash Deep.

The Career Shadowing Program

The Career Shadowing Program aims to give 11th grade students the opportunity to explore possible career options whilst giving current TASIS parents and alumni a chance to become an engaging mentor.


The Encompass club aims to educate the student body by holding discussions on real-world issues (social, political, economical and environmental) that are prominent in today's society.

The Environmental Club

The Environmental Club offers students an opportunity to explore and support environmental issues on campus and the local community. We are committed to raising awareness and taking action to help improve some of these issues. Our expectations for the members include: commitment and prompt attendance to weekly meetings and fundraisers and dedication to the cause. Throughout this year, we plan to help repair facilities in local parks, organise trash pick-ups, and conduct an Earth Day. We also aim to raise funds to support international environmental issues.

Fighting Cancer Club

The FCC club aims to raise money and awareness for various cancer associations by hosting bake sales and participating in fun runs.


The Footsteps Club aims to supply funding and supplies to the Footsteps organization in Rwanda giving a secondary education to benefit the children in the local communities.

Giving for Good

The Giving for Good club aims to raise money through a variety of events to donate to the Save the Children charity and support children affected by the refugee crisis.

Helping Hands International

The Helping Hands International club aims to fundraise to donate money to the International Rescue Committee to help the Syrian Refugees. 

Hope & Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children is an international charity working to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family. They are leading experts in closing children's institutions and reforming childcare systems. Our TASIS HHC Supporter Club organises a variety of activities to raise funds and organises two service trips to Romania each year. Over the past 10 years we have forged a very special relationship with the children in Northern Romania.


The International Club

The International Club aims to celebrate the great diversity of TASIS by learning more about the cultures of our members, eating foods from around the world and holding fundraisers to help charities that deal with global issues. 

Investment Club

The Investment club aims to educate students in investment skills through hands on investing fund raising and educational lessons. The club’s main focus is on investing, but money raised at the end of the year is donated to Kiva.)

Magic Club

The Magic Club aims to raise money for charity by performing magic, in front of the student and faculty members, and to bring happiness to others. Money will be raised through performance entrance fees and snacks sold prior. The magic club hopes to lead students to be great presenters, magnificent performers and creative individuals.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation club aims to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy by fundraising.

Math & Science Peer to Peer

The MSPPC club aims to help students in Math and Science by giving them 1-1 (peer to peer) support through other students. We try to pair up students who want help and those who want to help.


Milele is a small charity dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for children in Kenya who need them the most. Milele is passionate about facilitating choice, to empower these children to take control of their own lives and destinies, and shape their own futures. TASIS students hope to contribute to the sponsorship of one or more children in Milele’s program.

The No Project

The No Project club aims to raise awareness for human trafficking by designing a multi media art exhibition that is interactive, thought- provoking and informative. 

Romanian Children’s Relief

The Romanian Children's Relief club aims to raise money for the multiple programs that are run through the RCR charity by focusing on fundraising within and outside our community, so that we can help children from Romania that are in unfortunate situations.

Business Club

The Business Club aims to provide students with a more hands-on understanding of the strategies that go into running and operating a business. We transfer what we already know about business into different kinds of fundraisers, for example 'Battle of the Bands.' This approach provides us with the chance to evaluate our skills and improve upon them.

Thorpe Community Link

This club and service project is about establishing and maintaining good relationships with the residents of Thorpe village, especially with the elderly people. We invite them to monthly tea parties and various other school events. We share our gifts, and cultures, and companionship. We want to make sure that our elders do not become isolated because we are all part of the community that is Thorpe Village.

The TASIS World Issues Society

The TASIS World Issues Society is a group founded on the belief that a little help goes a long way for those in need. We aim to aid in disaster-relief and the improvement of the general welfare of all humans, in any way we can. The TASIS World Issues Society club aims to address current global issues by encouraging the TASIS community to take action. TWIS is in charge of collecting the money from the monthly Rags & Tags and selecting a charity to donate the funds. We try to make people see that Rags & Tags is not simply about not wearing the TASIS uniform, but also about the people we help and the lives we make better by giving the one pound to the society each Rags & Tags.

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