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Academic Travel Programs

Travel is an integral part of the TASIS England education and experience. Mrs. Fleming, our founder, believed that the world should be our classroom just as much as our beautiful campus here at TASIS England. It is by extending learning beyond the classroom, and by drawing on the cultural riches of Europe that a TASIS education becomes truly distinctive and enables our students to gain life skills and a first-hand perspective, which would not be possible through classroom instruction alone. 

Upper School Travel Program

October is a month of education through travel here at TASIS England. Every year during October half term week, we offer exceptional travel opportunities for all Upper School students (Grades 9-12). We organize trips to several different destinations in Europe such as Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Greece. The trips are assigned by grade level and directly linked to the Upper School curriculum. We endeavor to offer a healthy balance between traditional sightseeing and hands-on, activity based experiences for our students on each trip. 

Besides a professional tour director from one of the travel agencies we work with, every TASIS October trip is accompanied by at least two TASIS England faculty members, who ensure the overall well-being of each individual student during their travels.

Please sign up your Upper School child for an October trip before the summer break. To comply with UK regulations and for insurance reasons, every Upper School student (day and boarding) who is travelling with the school in October needs to be actively signed up.

In addition to the traditional and popular October Travel Week, the February Ski Trip, and service trips to Romania and Peru, there are educational Overnight Field Trips during the school year, planned by some subject teachers, and Varsity sports teams go on mid-season and end-of-season trips to tournaments. The Model United Nations (MUN) activity travels several times, usually to The Hague, Netherlands and to the Barcelona and Royal Russell conferences. Please contact Ms. Gerlinde Wimmer, the Educational Visits Coordinator, to find out more about the TASIS England Upper School travel program.

Middle School Travel Program

Students in the Middle School (Grades 5 to 8) participate in both field trips during the academic day and overnight field trips through the Middle School Travel program. The entire Middle School, Grades 5-8, will travel to PGL Liddington at the beginning of the school year for an outdoor adventure trip that will provide leadership and bonding opportunities. Later in the year, students in Grades 6-8 who are studying foreign languages may participate in trips aimed at immersing them in their target language. Students in Grades 6-7 also have the option to participate in a trip to Greece that links closely to the history curriculum. Fifth-grade students traditionally go on a three-night overnight trip in the UK in the Spring.
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